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Today’s episode of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH) features a special extended discussion on indigineity as a worldview and revolutionary current for our times.As potential and actually existing threats to life on planet Earth accelerate, including mass species extinction, nuclear fallout in the Pacific Ocean, and catastrophic superstorms that scour the globe, we would do well to remind ourselves that a vast majority (86%) of the world’s remaining pristine…August 4, 2014 Welcome to another special edition of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH), exploring the importance of food in the liberation of this planet and all its people.Join us for a global conversation on the strategies of an empire hell-bent on colonizing nature’s genomes and poisoning our life force, from Pakistan to Pittsburgh. A Ph D candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Auckland, Brower has been active for years in the movements for food sovereignty and global food justice.Today she unpacks the history of agriculture in Hawaii, now the epicenter of the…South Africa and the Soul of Planet Earth EHH hosts Salim Washington!Today’s episode of the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour features a special extended discussion on South African politics and music as a revolutionary current for our times.

Join Ecosocialist Horizons Hour for a special interview with Terry Bisson, American science fiction and fantasy author best known for his short stories.

While commentators are divided on China’s economic, social, political and humanitarian policies, one aspect of this mammoth nation’s development cannot be denied: the rate of ecological destruction that has accompanied its rapid growth.

Desertification costs China at least 50 billion dollars a year; environmental refugees are thought to number in the millions; pollution…

Today’s guests include: Jaffer Abid, from Pakistan via Columbia University, a scholar on social anthropology; Akilah Stewart, of the NYC-based movement ‘Food Unchained! Join us on the Ecosocialist Horizons Hour (EHH) for this special exclusive with Nigerian activist-poet Nnimmo Bassey on the bloody politics of oil extraction.

In this uncompromising analysis of the Niger Delta, where the life expectancy rate is a miserable 42 years, architect, writer and environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey shares his thoughts on a massive oil extraction project that is doing nothing for the local population but poisoning and polluting the soil on which they live, the water they drink and…

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