Cougar dating age

There’s tons of web sites out there specific to what it is you’re looking for.Everyone has their own idea of what they’re looking for.They always poke fun of something that’s different. Nobody’s ever really noticed, I guess because I look a lot younger than my age and have this zest for life, huge energy, and I take care of myself.Older men have been dating younger women for eons and no one bats an eye at it. I think women are more and more taking care of themselves, and know better how to stay young and vibrant…. That begs the question of why we need a cougar dating service.” Because it was something that was created so long ago, it’s tough to revamp something that people have stuck in their heads about cougars as animals out for prey. I can see how there’s be a “cougar effect,” because the women are so strong and they’re often the first to approach, That may be why people seeing it as preying.But they take it above and beyond, they poke fun of it, just like they do with anything else.

Cougar radio competition in 2006, which got her thinking about starting this unique service.

You must have come across some of them — To be honest, I haven’t had any negative response at all,.

And I have quite a few cougar girlfriends who are on Cougar Life who are now successfully dating cubs, so to speak. I started Cougar Life because I had so many friends in their 30s say to me, “Where are you finding all these loving amazing relationships with these amazing guys? Because I’m revamping the word, I think people are embracing it. Don’t get so upset by it, everything in the world has labels on it, why not make it light, make it fun, make it something we can be cute about instead of being so serious?

I think we were all like, this is hypocritical — We’re still testing everything out and seeing what people want and we get tons of emails. We’re expanding to Europe, and as we go we’re gonna make the changes for the better as people request. It’s 52 percent cubs — ] I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate being called a boytoy.

It’s free to join — sites don’t usually offer that — and once you start speaking to other members it’s a month, But if one of you is activated, and you want to speak to some who’s not, you can still conversate back and forth.

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