Dating culture in tanzania

The attitude of many I have met see us all as disrespectful white women, who won’t be here for long.It is also seen as a women’s job to successfully carry children.Most Tanzanian men have several girlfriends—and the married ones, several wives.Cheating in their relationships is an everyday occurrence.

Nothing anyone can say or do will help her with this.

A traditional Kenyan wedding will differ from culture to culture within the country.

These practices are what were doing historically in Kenya traditions when it came to weddings.

The groom will give the girl's family and relatives some camels.

Masai Woman, Kenya, Africa Among members of tribes like the Kipsigis, even though the giving of bridewealth is not a strict requirement for marriage, if the wife is unable to bear any children, then her family must return it to the husband. Kipsigis men are allowed to marry as many wives as they can afford as long as they have the approval of the first wife.

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