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So do you think that most white guys think that Vietnamese women are the same? I think that from the first time they arrive in Asia, they don’t know who is who. But I actually did come here to escape men in a lot of ways. What’s your impression of the guys who come here and their dating life? I’m not really friends with that kind of guy here, so I don’t really talk about that stuff. Look, I get a certain level of respect for being a Western person. So at work, you can’t put a foot wrong here, because no one’s going to tell you to step off. So, if you get one girl today, you get another one tomorrow. Well, you’ve got to look: the men who rule the world are white men. So, if you’re on the bottom of the heap, you want to find someone who can bring you out of that. We go on about old men that go over the Philippines and Vietnam and get their little wives and how revolting they are… Like, many Vietnamese think that all the foreigners are rich, but it’s not true! Yes I am planning to work here for a while, and let’s see what happens next.

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Phuong, a businesswoman from Hanoi; Son, a sound engineer from a province near Saigon; Kate, an English teacher from Australia; and Thomas, an online marketer from France all agreed to give us their views on what it takes to find love in Ho Chi Minh City. Note that all these interviews deal substantially with personal histories. They always told me I’m too strong for them or something. It’s hard for me to tell because I didn’t really date a Vietnamese when I was already a grown-up. All the other guys that I worked with or whatever, they wouldn’t end up with girls like them. Past the physical appearance, they are really easy to hang out with: curious, always happy to try new food, to learn english, to discover new places. [They’re] always keen to help with anything: to find an apartment, to book a bus ticket... I think they’re more open to speaking to guys in general. It seems that he treats girls like they’re all the same, like if they were simple objects.Overall, Carlos Xuma is a top choice for the PUA who needs to work on developing the alpha side of his personality, inner game, relationship management or even just simple pickup skills.If that’s you, then Carlos Xumas’ products should not be missed!One of his most popular products is “Secrets of the Alpha Man” – a nice combination of ebook and audio all geared up to do just what the title says: let you inside the head of an alpha man, to see how he thinks, so you can start to excise “nice” qualities from your personality and become the leader of men that all women desire.Click here to get instant access to the Carlos Xuma alpha male training course Some men approach his material and get uncomfortable – feeling like they’re being asked to become someone other than who they want to be.

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