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They conceived that in resorting to this course he had abandoned the search after truth, and they therefore deserted him for the cloisters of Isipatana S Or PTA OALLKKY. Buddha is represented in these sculptures in various at- titudes, and the position of the hands is known as mudrd. The history of this specimen is unknown, but it is probably from Siirnath. l U bistory is unknown, but it has all the characters of a Sar- nilth sculpture. CO.— A brick capital, 10* by 10' by 5', modelled somewbnl in the Iiido-Corinthinn style.

It was to this monastery that the five mendicants who had attended the Bodhisat for six years during his great struggle at Buddha Oaya after wisdomi which he thought to have attained by penance, betook themselves after he had realized that the austerities he had been practising were not the path to true wisdom, and, renouncing these^ had begun to move about the villages col- lecting his daily food. This and the following sculptures were found by General Cunningham in the ruins of a small building, 11 feet square, dose to the Buddhist temple to the north-west of the sttipa Dhamdc. To the left of the de))cudent limb is a woman sealed in adoration, probably the douor of the sculpture. Thia sculpture had evidently been originally coloured rod.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Sundarbui Pahirpor Fabn S a U Oaar SM RAjmahil 2M Baiar 268 Kntklhar S71 Bihar S7 Bhatoli or Jowbri Di 276 Sargnji 278 CONTENTS.

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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. In the lower left-hand corner of the baa* relief, the scene consists of a man on borsebael: under a gtto- w ay, doubtless Prince Siddhattim leaving bis palace; ' above, Bnddba is represented with hia alms bowl, with tbnt attendants, one of whom is a Naga. He is seated under Vkpipal tree, with the warriors of Mara on his right hand, and the daughters of the Evil One on his left, two huge male human figures occurring in each upper corner, one of them with a human &ce for its belly. Immediutelj' below the seat there is nri inscriptiou. — The inscribed pedestal of a Buddhist figure, the feet of which, with bang;lea, remain along with the indications ot other and smaller figures, each on a lotus throne. Ita history is unknown, but the sandstone is the same as that of other Saru&tli sculptures. 49.— A sculpture in relief, 2' fl'-25 x 2' 5', in eand. A seated figure of Buddha, the Teacher, in «lto relievo, against a slab with a nimbus, and bearing a small erect attendant figure in relief, on each side, and standing on a lotus, the stalk of which is hi Jdeu in a conventional massive floral device resting on the pedestal of the main figure. The front of the pedestal has a relief, representing the worship of the Wheel of the Lnw, but it is mucli injured. It is nidely eoulptured on its four fnces, the sides being very narrotr, with eij^bt erect figures, eai-b boldiug an Blins-bnwl, aud with ioscriptio DS betweeu eucb pair. To the lefl, nnd close to the head of Mflhs Brahma, is the Rodhisatwaa a child with a halo behind his bead, nnd two N&gns are abon with offerings. In the panel to the right, Buddha is represented in the iharnui-ehakra mudra or attitude of teachings and in the left panel is his temptation by Mara. Fnueaui'a tranilnlion of the 'Hbo Un vcniaii of the I TUtara." Tliia tt. On the riglitside of the slab, tliere is a small fonr-armod S'dili, and anotlier feuialc figure on tiie other §ide holding a lolus steat. On either side of Buddha, but slightly further back, stands another attendant figure. It mea- sures i' 4"-50 in height, the throne having a breadth of i'S", and a height of 7'. 57 18 recorded as supplementary to the hymn of praise of Ho-Yan/' This inscription was found in the summer of 1880j under 12 feet of rubbish surrounding the Great Temple. Ohtbux Jiac Kxouoa T Padkunbk Bi Uiar Qonkhpur Dintrict Fatelig Hrli Locklitj Diikniiwn . Wss Tnuf Chika — Ma Dwyne 478 Bastbbk China — Nankin 479 LOOALITT UVKNOWN 479 Appi!

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