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once they were bigger i start slapping , kicking ,squezzing , pulling , punching, and twisiting. I was watching an argument between a man and a woman when i was real small.The man got in her face and she kinda backed down and finally said get out of my face or else.and relaxed knowing the fingers that she's pressing into my balls is causing me to suffer so bad that I can't do a thing to get her to stop poking her finger into my balls if I wanted to and she can make me suffer bad as long as she wants and she knows it.woman regularly bust my balls whilst wearing a variety of outfits like a cheerleader costume, sexy policewoman costume and a short sexy black dress. that there's this one area of our testicles that's way more delicate then the rest if the testicle.He is locked in a chastity cage, and I used to let him out about once per week, never more, and sometimes I would miss a week, to get him wound up.More recently, however, I've been giving him extended periods of frustration...Without me thinking I separated my legs to really block the way through but of...that knows what going to happen to a boy once she's hit his balls the way she planned on hitting his balls.

He grabbed himself and i said it got you didn't it? I would not let her through the doorway, if she could not get through she would have to walk all around the building.she is very good at busting my balls and is very brutal. One day she was going on vacation with her family and cousins. He looked at her packing and said, "you packed well". If you knew were that spot is and poked it with one of your fingers as you were squeezing it, you would be causing a boy the most devastating pain to his balls a squeeze has ever...a few days ago I came into contact with a fantastic woman. Then she put her underwear in the packing under the cloths. and a lady and her husband pointed it out to me, they were into ballbusting much like me and asked if they could have their way with me, I let them, and then me and the lady hit her husbands balls, and we swapped between the two of us every so often, it was amazing!! When I was younger I was winding up my sister, I used to like tricking her and getting her into trouble, well on this occasion I slipped and fell over as quickly as anything she had her foot poised over my balls.I watched them start duking it out and out of the blue this kid kicked my brother in...boy named Mike that liked Ball busting because he said he was good and knew how to protect his balls from being hit or grabbed and love to make boys suffer by squeezing their balls because he knew there's nothing they could do once he had their balls and he could feel them out... If you've read my 2 other stories you can see that I've been fortunate enough to have g/fs who have been into ballbusting. To fulfill my ball-busting loving, I went to a prostitute while... I never imagined abusing anyone's balls until I met met my boyfriend.

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