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1 he god of Death Si\a kicked Death to death to save Maark- kandeya prattled about The Tamil word is 'pithatrum 44 (will prattle) Prattling in this context means praising The line concerned can be translated as "Those are the feet near which the greatly-mad foregather and praise ** 5. It is indeed great that I, the servitor, could reach Him And do away with my malady of incurable Karma! The greatness of Godhead is such that save Uma, none can bear Him Pure Sivam is unbearable puissance. He forbade the entry of the sun and the moon into Lanka 40. 1 He is the great One who quaffed as nectar the poison Of the billowy sea and saved the lives of the celestials; He is the opulent One who shot the arrow of Agni from His bow Mount Meru wrought of ruddy gold that had For its string the many- headed serpent, and gutted With fire the triple towns; it is thus, even thus, I cry And cry in melting love: "O hill-like Diamond- pillar Of Mazhapaadi wrought of plentiful, ever-during And everfresh gold, pearls and planks of blazing brilliants! He is the true One unto those poised in tapas; He is the One Invisible to those unloving, iron-hearted evil doers; He made fresh flowers of the stones that Saakya flung at Him Unforgettingly; He led them to great beatitude That (always) thought on Him; He is the unseen Adept That fosters all the worlds and confers salvation; Translation Sekkizhaar Adi-p-Podi T N Ramachandran 353 He is of cool Vizhimizhalai of heaven- descended Vimaana Who is hailed by the excellent. You pervade Everywhere in the form of Flame, praise be! — «gsu SI&Ou D&Oiurr(56vr f (Surr pj SKSurrjbj&l 6. 806 ld / bgu dssfrr ^Ljunrrr ^ /r sir L_in; LDu S)[email protected]©J6tf jryi^ lo Q^sbsufr^rr Si J). He placed the skyey moon and the serpent On His matted crest to flourish in concord; He is the Deva that dances at Tillai where bees Joyously sip honey, and hum; He is the bright flame Of Gnosis; He became good and evil; He is sweet like honey To His servitors, He indeed is the opulent One Abiding in delight at Tirucchaaikkaadu. 813 asrrsfrr j§jifliu (Ssu Lpri) &~ifi£ Q^sfrsiirr^nr CSu). He wears wreaths of konrais that bloom in the rainy season; By a single kick He smote Yama; He is hailed By the whole world, He abides at Srisailam during Many many aeons; He roams about seeking alms in towns; T ranslation Sekkizhaar Adnp-Podi T N Ramachandran 533 He parts not from Otthoor at any time; He is delighted to hear glorious hymns; He is The opulent One sweetly abiding at Tiruc- chaaikkaadu.

T he feet This refers to the time of creation On the dav of Creation, the Lord stood as Ekapaathar (the single-footed) As Ekapaathar, Siva created Vishnu from His left half and Brahma from his right half Kazhal Anklet worn by man Silambu. According to Sri Arunai Vadivel Mudaliyaar, Paathi means* ’The prop of everything. O the Catholicon hailed by the celestials, praise be! 330 ; au Z^nr^^nrif^rr Sa); unrornrir u ir uu© 6 iirrr ^ 5 fr CSuo — Lftpwr^asrr OTiii Sfrrr^rr^rr CSi D. He is hailed with glory; He is the God That abides in all the directions; He is indeed the insatiable nectar; He is of endless glory; His mode of life is Lucid as water; He bent the extensive mountain Into a bow; He is adored by the earth-born; He is our Lord of Pazhanam town. He wore the skeletons of the dead; In joy did He enact many an act of grace; He is a wearer of the beauteous konrai wreaths; He became the four Vedas and the six Angas; He holds as His alms-bowl the skull of the dead one; He is the God of the celestials; He is the lordly One Of Mazhapaadi who placed on my head His flowery, sacred and all-pervading foot. His is a divine body that is golden; He wears A wreath of konrai flowers; matted and fulgurant Are the strands of His hair; He willingly mantled Himself in the hide of the tusker; He has none To match Him; He abides as Sivam whom none Can contain; He is concorporate with the aeviternal Woman; He is the lordly One of Mazhapaadi. As peerless light He became the seven worlds; He is the inner meaning of AUM; He stood as spreading light and as bright luculence; He became the festive sound and the sound of yaaga; He crushed the twenty shoulders and quelled The puissance of the King of Lanka over which move not The two lights; He is a hill of coruscating ruby; He is the lordly one of Mazhapaadi. The word Manaalan may mean (1) a bridegroom, (2) a leader, (3) a lord and (4) a handsome person 2. It is Uma who softens it for the devotee which is why She shares His body. " 401 i—apiti.ujnrrr; s Ssni—u SIsir urr&rr — 6&Lfi Ul Hy)2sv(Suj (Sws Shgp Grr - 11. 3* Maadakkoyil The shrine constructed on a raised platform. He bathed in water, ghee and tender- coconut-water; He abides as the sempiternal Bridegroom; He holds In His hands a mazhu and a fawn; He kicked the life Translation Sekkizhaar Adi-p-Podi T. Ramachandran 351 Out of Death; His divine body is bedaubed With the white ash; on His ruddy matted crest He keeps A white crescent; He sports in the fierce fire; He is of cool Vizhimizhalai of heaven -descended Vimaana. 527 ^06Ui^_ujrrsb-^6Yrri®S)^^frff5r Lb ^^.ujsurrdsil^ ^|6wf]ujrrff CSurr^|U} — ^|l^(Suj 2W ^5fr&_s DL_uj iq-dssrr^rr Co LD. You entered My chinta, not to part therefrom, praise be! 816 lot 6ii nr tu LSIsrr Jyaji Lcrrs^j Li , GVujtu- LD6O0T6Ugl JLb, ^5fr Co LJDUJrr UJ jgl SOT (flj FT (2 U HT 6gj LD ; £ip6iurj Bgiu) ^(S^rr CSurr asnr CSirrrs&Br^gj STsirryu D ^)0UUTfr(o Lifrg2l U5; 0crsl) sunruju ^a5uu6^DL-Lumf CSLJfrg2i U); SJd SLCLJUD (SLD6&! £§}6\;6tf/r u utfyiurrrr CSunrspj Lb; urrsmi^d Qasrr(Si(Lptq.i Lji Jb &ib sfrcrr CSufr^j UD ; Qa Fi^u QCojsmu ^ji^turrs^rr^ ^rruufrrr CSurr^l U)— ^1 0(5= ^rri Licsaef TLl© (j^jsyfl a^i j DU-j Lb (SWd^sn rr^r Co LO. With the vast space He became the five; He abides At Kaaronam for ever, He is the Lord 534 Tirumurai the Sixth Of Bhootha-Ho sts of thundering lips; He presides Over Yekampam; such is His nature that He is Beyond compare; Paandikkodumudi too is His town; He will cure the painful maladies of His ser- vitors; He is the opulent One sweetly abiding at Tiruc- chaaikkaadu.

This, for our Saint, was grace that surpassed understanding. which says that the vainglorious for ever flaunt their uifling successes and the pious for ever remember their sins, is significant. 1 he three worlds ate the up per, middle and nether regions of space Gnosis n Grnih Knowledge Pan Gnaanam 10. He sojourned at Partitiniyamam for twelve days And then at the well-watered Mizhalai-- Inseparable from the Vedas and the smoke of sacrifice--. That day, under the Banyan Tree Hara taught the Brahmins Dharma.

He felt in his flesh and marrow that he did not merit this. Many of the heart-rending outbursts of our Saint are surcharged with an intense pathos. " (Kaaiatthai Kazhitthavaare), "What can I, the deceptions one, do! (Emmaan thannai yezhaiyen naan pandu ikazhnthavaare), "How many. beds: This is condemned as it is at once fugitive and fleeting. The seven worlds air obviously the seven nether wot Ids. Vital*, (V* Cut a la , j& j&r«r p&fhjfkstfl s_ 0 «nr; CSuiroj *&** (_|*«rrr^r C»us. For a sennight; He who is at once Bliss and aeviternal wealth, has this day. Having enacted the dance in the fire of the crematory, This day, circled by the Bhootha-Hosts, He made His entry into Puliyur Chitrambalam only.

.xt-Li-iaij x Xii t axtf Tin 1 9 piriltq-& (otuuqa Ptaa ^L-ajrr 9i—«if arrester u Lq9tpeuest prress TL-.9tb ^euppferr &fipi£it (&,tfihugi, Qr&iq.uigjj eressrd^rtih" Grain try mnrydtp&ri.

In His infinite mercy, Pasupati gave us a Vaakpati to hymn all the Vedic stotras in dulcet Tamil numbers.

He therefore hails her as his mother, father and sister in his Tiruppaathirippuliyur decad thus: "Eendraalumaai yenakku enthaiyumaai utan tondrinaarai--" (He wasted his time for about four decades in an alien faith). Qur^uu&rer O Poruppalli IT e SSTJL- &iib The non-pareil Tirutthaandakam 1 • ^‘j USST'S Appan nee 2. Quj'ahr Aamayam theertthu atiyen ^ 1(5 Gxjl&STf T&i g)(Tf Qur 08 arr , Qu0iiu jb puqa Sj^j-fr&sr, — (Suo F/rj S pirmfrebs Oirw i Sjoewr jsir CSstr. He is concorporate with Her whose words Are nectarean like the sugarcane; He is a hill of dazzling diamond; He wears a wreath of konrai flowers; It is He who is the rare Vedas And their sextuple Angas; He is the bright-rayed Flame of southern Aaroor Girt with fragrant groves where bees buzz; He is the unwavering lamp of Light, The Ens Entium; He is of Perumpatra-p-Puliyur. He came here and took with Him my white bangles; With them and all else. Dharmapuram: This place is different from the one at Mayiladuthurai where the famous Dharmapuram Aadheenam flourishes. A regular Tevaaram shrine is one which has to its credit one or more decads in the Tevaaram. Nalloor* It was here our Saint was blessed with Tiruvadi-Diksha This day This phrase (In naall ) refers to the eternal present that knows neither past nor future. 592 mat £L_ sonrii) (Lpggi&v Co&JSV ex ,®^rr, Q&s Srgu ^iq XSsvr CStffrr. 641 JS jbj D6Usir&rrsm; j£ir ^ ggjsbs Ofrtgfrsir&rrsvvr ; gtf&mgijfis&l&rrsm; §j2four srsirnp Q&rr Qgsu rnr n^shsrr Lb (Surrjfr/psiisirasrrstf ST; L] Gyps sir gstotru um L-t B&rrsir 4&rrsir&! He danced to the music in graceful movements; He pities Them that went in search of His feet when He stood a column Of fire; such is His nature that the Ghost- throngs hail And adore Him; for them who rise up thinking on Him He oozes out in love; He mantled Himself in the tusker's hide; He (alone) consented to eat the venom of the sea that Devas Might get nectar; He is Yekempan of Kacchi girt with Beauteous groves; behold Him enshrined in my thought! 646 428 Tirumurai the Sixth 6U0 ih ^su Gtr&FT&nrr; ld^ttlx) &__03T Sfr S1J1 &3T , ^s SI&sr CSujsvr ^jr Jujrr C? 682 asrwr i_ujir65T;a6Sr&»r, — ^siffl&w Coiusir ^n Stuur CSp $ en&p p ! He is the light within life that is embodied; He is The noble One; He dwells in the manams of bhaktas. He roamed in the wood; His throat is Dark like nimbus; He is fire, is wind; knowing when It should be done, He made me His servitor and He, The delicious sweetcane, placed His sacred foot on my head, He presides over Tirumuthukunram; alas, I, the one, Of evil karma, stood perplexed unaware of Him! 200/- Released during The Eighth International Conference-Seminar of Tamil Studies, Thanjavur — 1-1-1995 to 5-1-1995 Printed by Maravanpulavu K. If Lord Siva chose to confer on our Saint the very name of His Sakti, then the infinitely immense glory of our Saint can, at least, to an extent, be understood by the likes of us. iajnrju uars P Qatu§j Qanassr® ^rv Ga Giu &twdhj}(t)j ! ^u Qua(tp^j ($aq,&$atk G&mscnvug, ^(^^^aemuenth (Lfi^&Siaj uev ug OI&ru&vrr u? i jv, gifrrflanpeuebr $ 0«O*/rtti)«u i SIrj&nrrj&gleb SLyttunijijutess P. gjgiempturgarrrreb Qurrmrgyiw ^ajicess Patg^u:, CSj&Trtr^Pfrv. ^eupwrtp Qtaebeoa tb a,aled by his sister to the presence of Siva and sang the first decad of Tevaaram verses, Lord Siva was so pleased with him that He blessed him thus: "As you have in tuneful harmony of Tamil’s majesty Sung the ambrosial decad--a rich wreath of word-blossoms--, Your goodly name will, in all the seven worlds, be Endearingly known as NAAVUKKARASU" May Saivites contemplate the greatness of this mantric nomenclature: NAAVUKKARASU. A verse of Tirumoolar’s Tirumantiram begins thus- ’’Vazhutthidu Naavukkarasu Ivall“.The Bible says: "And the Lord hardened the heart of the Pharaoh.." (Exodus 9-12). Pope says: "One is frequent ly reminded of Jerusalem the Golden, with milk and honey blest," * Ibid. Natarajan (Mudgala Trust, Madras-1994) is by far the greatest work on the subject, Chin t a is mind heart according to David Buck. Great semes: The five hunters ever alert to down the Translation: Sekkizhaar Adt-p-Podi T. He is of Tirunallaaru; He who has a cloudy patch On His neck is the One who has an eye in His forehead That burnt Kaama to death. He wears a chaplet of fragrant konrai flowers That bloom during the rainy season; He holds Translation: Sekkizhaar Adi-p-Podl T. Ramachandran IS In His hand a skull and goes about receiving alms From the townsfolk, whilst His Bhoothas sing.The hymns of our Saint bear eloquent testimony to the episodes relating to his life, as recorded by the Periya Puranam. 10 8 Tirumurai the Sixth NOTES 1* Tillai is the shrine par excellence for the Saivites. re-printed by the University of Madras (1979) In Saivue cosmogony, Tillai is the exact centre of the universe, Tillai. Appar, was to the Saivites what Jerusalem was to the Jews, of yore. Atom: Siva, as the smallest of the small is referred to as the Atom, Tattva means Truth. Siva is the world -supporting Mountain, Tradition holds that there are eight mighty mountains that support the cosmos Siva is all these Puhyur is Tillai. Aaroor also: In the original, the passage concern ed appears in the middle. The Eater of the oceanic venom, riding a mar- tial Bull And circled by the Bhootha-Hosts Made His entry into Puliyur Chitrambalam only. He is the noble One, the peerless One, the Lord of the Devas Who adore Him; He abides at the hallowed Moolattaanam Of Tiruvaaroor. To the celestials, to the bom and to those that will not Get bom. He abides not in the minds of those who are full Of themselves and of those who have forgotten Him.

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