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239-280: (pdf); - Mustafa Jawhari (Jaouhari), 'Alamat al-Tarqim fil-Makhtutat al-'Arabiyya (Malhuzat wa-Watha'iq). For further information see the site of Manuscripta Orientalia. (March 1952): Autograph letters, manuscripts and historical documents concerning The Netherlands.

- Mustafa Mawalidi (Mawaldi, Irshad al-'Ugm li-A'mal al-Guzdhur al-Summ lil-Sufi: Tahqiq wa-Dirasa li-"Tad'if Gudhur al-A'dad wa-Tab'iduha", pp. - Ahmad Fawzi al-Hayb, Shi'r Abi Ga'far al-Gharnati (708-779 H), pp. - 'Atif Muhammad al-Maghawiri, Furuq Nusakh al-Qamus al-Muhit. 131-182: (pdf); - Hayat Qara, Turath al-Khayl fil-Gharb al-Islami, pp. Older links may be broken and broken links are not repaired. - 'Umar 'Abd al-Salam tadmuri, al-Mukhtar min Shi'r Munir al-Tarabulusi, pp. - Muhammad Kamal, Sanihat Adab min Sahat Halab, pp. - 'Abd al-'Aziz Mahmud al-Dib, Min Awham al-Khawass aw Nawha Manhag fi Qira'at al-Nass wa-Tahqiqihi, pp. - 'Adil Sulayman Gamal, Shawqi Dayf, Khatimat al-Muhaqqiqin al-Ruwwad, pp. Downloading for commercial purposes is always illegal. | Home | Inventories | Courses | Reference | Pre-prints | E-publics | In the news | This part of the Islamic manuscripts site contains many out of print publications which are nowadays often difficult to find. Among other things it contains the full contents of Manuscripts of the Middle East (MME), the journal published by Ter Lugt Press in Leiden in the 1980's and 1990's. This section also contains recent publications some of which may still be in print.

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