Lupus dating sites

Try talking to a friend who can help you replace your doubts with feelings of confidence and self-assuredness.

Q: When should I tell a potential boyfriend that I have lupus?

The date isn’t the important part—it’s the company that matters!

Q: My lupus medicines don’t make me feel very attractive. A: Unfortunately, the medicines for lupus can cause unpleasant weight gain, hair loss, bloating, and other reactions.

Since everyone’s lupus is different, you have to decide when it is most appropriate for you to be open about having lupus. Lupus Foundation can help do the explaining for you, describing symptoms, risks, other important things a person should know about lupus.

Q: What if my date gets scared when I say I have lupus? Give your date some time to process the information. And it’s natural for him to have questions and want to discuss concerns.

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Most women agree: dating can be fun, frustrating, exciting, and dreadful at the same time.

But add a chronic disease like a lupus, and dating can become truly difficult and an overall stress.

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