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In May 2012, when Benidorm government officials climbed up the In Tempo - the European Union's tallest residential building still under construction - for a photo op, they had an idea.The twin towers joined at the top by a cone were to become a symbol of the post-crisis takeoff of the Spanish city of skyscrapers par excellence.Then, in May, the architects directing the project resigned. In Tempo is about 94 percent complete, with 35 percent of the apartments sold.

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La mayoría de universidades españolas ofrecen másteres en MBA a través de sus programas de formación de posgrado.

They'll be doing us a favor." In January 2012, there was a new surprise: the elevator shaft had not been taken into account, as the promotional designs clearly show.

"The space was calculated for a 20-storey building," said the same sources.

In one instance, it miscalculated the position of the steel structure by seven floors, and in another flaw, it offered outdated prices for the 2,500 tons of steel required.

Olga Urbana made the final decision: the former building workers would get the project back. It is also worth mentioning that until the first 23 floors were built, it did not occur to managers to set up a freight elevator for the 41 workers who kept having to trek up and down the stairs. In April 2011, when the concrete already reached the 46th floor, the floor plans for the 47th story were not ready yet.

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