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Since then, pollen studies - now called palynology - have explored Ireland's landscape history from the late Ice Age right up to Tudor times.

An Ireland-wide database of all this work, now under assembly with EU funding by Trinity botanists Rob Marchant and Fraser Mitchell, has so far found some 360 sites scattered across the island.

Jonathan Pilcher and Valerie Hall have found tephra layers to match the eruptions of specific Icelandic volcanoes, recorded historically in 1104, 13.

We can't date oil paints, because their oil is "old" carbon from petroleum. And third, it is common to soak new-found fossils in a preservative, such as shellac.Pollen of different species differs in abundance and ability to travel in the wind.Hazel once spread its golden catkins over the whole island, and its pollen from that period is 17 times more abundant than all other tree species put together.Some results have shown people twisting the truth in contemporary documents.Tephra-dating helped Valerie Hall to revise the whole picture of Ulster's supposed woodland wealth and its rapid destruction 400 years ago.

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