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Detective Senior Constable Milham says blackmail of rape victims is often motivated by a desire to force the woman to remain in the relationship."They may want to marry them in the future.In this particular case he wanted to obtain a visa to live permanently in Australia," she says."I've never had the man blackmailing the woman for money or anything like that.I turned it off and went and vomited in the backyard."Edie met her boyfriend, Michael,* during her first year of university.They moved in together after three months of dating and were in a relationship for almost two years"When we first got together, we were hanging out, we went for drives, we went to the beach, we went on a road trip," she says.“That all changed in about February 2012 – about three, four months into the relationship – when we got into a pretty big car crash. I had fractured my C4 vertebrae, cracked my head and cracked my collarbone.I turned it off and went and vomited in the backyard.""I didn't want to have sex with him. I didn't want to look at him," she says, "and he didn't like that at all.He decided it was his right to have sex with me and just took it,” she says."It was not consensual, it was rape.

My mum came into my room and asked me what happened and I told her."She was angry.And the fact it's recorded, that's a big worry for them.The video clearly showed the young woman with various parts of her clothing removed, and her being sexually assaulted."He was nice, he was friendly, and I thought he was just like everyone else.I felt sorry for him because he was telling me about his family and how they didn't like him and used to beat him.

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