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I find that I am thinking of him most of the day and longing to be by his side.I feel like we are newly in love everyday…and that’s a wonderful feeling!As for myself- I have learned to take annoyances and stressful moments far less seriously and feel like I have achieved more inner peace.I feel like submission has become part of me, rather than something I have to TRY to achieve. It has also become natural for me to be more grateful for Daddy as my forever mate.I wish I could say it’s been a breeze but all in due time.I feel a little more comfortable with my role at work, and think I’m getting the hang of my responsibilities.;0) 10 months into TTWD, and we’ve been all over the spectrum- doing it right, doing it wrong, finding our way. The morning started off with me over reacting to something you said, and then it escalated.

It wasn’t pre meditated, it just flew out of my mouth, and I knew as soon as I said it that it was wrong.

He even came to my office to have lunch with me twice this week, just so I could see a friendly face and be encouraged during my day. We have a little joke about him being “constricted” when he’s stressed and could use some “sexual release” It makes him feel relaxed and the stress seems to just melt away. He turned the tables and concluded that I might be “constricted” this week and he took care of me.

He was exactly right…I felt a world of difference in my stress levels too.

Overlooking a rule, or forgetting one of Daddy’s expectations for me is pretty common lately.

There are little tasks that I do for him on a regular basis that have been forgotten here and there.

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