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The majority of UFC events will take place on cable television, with bland production, unremarkable studio segments and 20-minute-long breaks between every fight. After his win at UFC 200 he made it pretty clear that he didn’t see beating Mark Hunt as his swan song in unscripted fisticuffs, and though that win has since been smudged with the stain of banned substances, it remains a fact that Lesnar is a draw and a capable heavyweight.Like any given Fight Night event, the Fox deal just. For those reasons, UFC ownership will want him back in the fold as soon as possible.

Fights starts, Lesnar shoots a double, Ngannou stuffs it, Ngannou lands bombs until it’s all over. It will be an ugly loss for Lesnar, but it will come in a title shot nonetheless. Here’s the part where a story leaks about Mc Gregor being in negotiations with Manny Pacquiao, which is of course news to White. Combat sports is and always has been a launching pad for Mc Gregor. Being the richest fighter in the history of the sport is all well and good, but Mc Gregor has always planned for life after the lights go dim. And if there’s one thing we know about Mc Gregor, it’s that every step he takes has to be a big step forward.

Meanwhile, as the UFC divests from its own streaming platform, UFC Fight Pass, it's easy to wonder if the promotion feels its product doesn't click well with cord-cutting demographics. Reports dating back to 2016 have stated that the UFC in 2019 and beyond will be spread out across multiple networks and that hasn't changed in the months since.

Ultimately, though, the UFC in 2019 will look quite similar to the UFC in 2017. Not officially (yet), and maybe not imminently, but you better believe you’re going to see him again in the octagon this year.

They’d be setting a precedent for potential Mc Gregors to follow in the future, and that’s a dangerous thing for a company that stresses the corporate brand above all else. While the Conor Mc Gregor-Floyd Mayweather circus heated up the MMA world took notice of Dana White’s increasing interest in promoting boxing.

He even wore a t-shirt sporting “Zuffa Boxing.” In November, White ramped up those talks by saying he was “going to start goofing around over there a little bit,” at a media luncheon (h/t MMAJunkie.com’s Steven Marrocco & John Morgan).

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